International Conference on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations                                   "Development & Application of EI" 

24 - 25 November 2016, Salzburg


The Department for Human Resource Management & Leadership, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria, invited researchers, managers, educators and practitioners to join an exciting new International Conference on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations held in Puch/Salzburg, Austria on 24 to 25 November 2016

We are  proud and honoured to have welcomed participants from eleven countries, including the U.S. and Israel. Many have travelled long distances to come here – this reminds us all of the importance of emotional intelligence in our society. The 2016 Future of Jobs Report of the World Economic Forum highlights emotional intelligence as one of the top ten skills required by 2020. We believe so too. In our rapidly evolving economic and social environment it is necessary to adapt to change, yet being focused on and aware of not only our needs but also our environment’s needs. Many believe that mindfulness, self-awareness, recognizing our emotions and the emotions of others, managing feelings as well as empathy can help in difficult times. In times when it is important to lead teams, focus on goals and motivate oneself or another.

Emotional intelligence is a major player in change processes, leadership, human resource management and marketing.  In response to these aspects, together we focused on the following questions:

·  How do managers and leaders practice emotional intelligence in their daily business?

·   What are the positive effects of applying emotional intelligence with employees, teams and in marketing?

·  How can emotional intelligence help to design and manage change successfully?

·   How can emotional intelligence be taught and developed?

·  How is emotional intelligence implemented in organizations and what are the implementation requirements?

Thank you all for being part of these exciting two days. Also a big thank you to our supportive team. We hope you all have enjoyed the conference and we look forward to seeing you again! 


Dr. Petra Meyer (Senior Lecturer in Emotional Intellingece, Human Resource Management and Leadership) and Prof. (FH) Dr. Herbert Gölzner (Professor in Human Resource Management and Leadership)

  Emotions drive People. People drive Performance.