International Conference on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations                                   "Development & Application of EI" 

24 - 25 November 2016, Salzburg


Call for Papers/Workshops

Deadline Extended to Monday, August 15

We invite paper and workshop proposals from all disciplines that deal with one or more aspects of the above addressed aspects of “Emotional Intelligence in Organizations”. Proposals that cover additional insights of emotional intelligence are also highly appreciated!

Submission and Guidelines

Submission types

  • Research-based proposals
  • Organizational practice-based proposals
  • Workshop proposals


Research and organizational practice- based proposals are slotted for a 20-minute presentations and a follow-up discussion of 10 minutes. Workshop slots amount to 60 minutes.

Please indicate, on the cover page, the submission type of your proposal.

The conference will be held in English, workshops can also be held in German. Please specify your preferred language in the proposal.

Please submit your proposal via e-mail to, Dr. Petra Meyer.

(Deadline: 15.08.16; Two proposal submissions per person max.)

After the conference we intend to publish selected conference contributions.


The proposal should consist of:

1. Cover Page

Please provide the title of the abstract, your contact details (name, working title, affiliation, address, e-mail, telephone) on the cover page. Also indicate the submission type (research-based proposal, organizational practice-based proposal, workshop proposal) of your proposal.

2. First Page

Please provide a short description of your career and current professional position. Furthermore, please, also describe the connection between your professional experience and your proposal.

3. Following Pages: Addressing content-related questions

Please answer the following questions according to the submission type of your proposal. Please do not indicate your name in this section.

Research-based proposals

  1. What are the key aspects of your proposal?
  2. What is new and surprising about your findings?
  3. Please explain your methodological approach (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, explorative etc.).
  4. Please summarize your most important findings.


Practitioner based proposals

  1. What are the key aspects of your proposal?
  2. What is new and surprising about your findings?
  3. What are your experiences regarding emotional intelligence and the work with clients/within the company?
  4. Please detail what you would like to present.


Workshop proposals

  1. What are the key aspects of your workshop?
  2. What would you like to focus on in your workshop?
  3. How many participants can join your workshop?
  4. Please describe your workshop concept


>> Download as PDF-Document

We look forward to your proposals!