International Conference on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations                                   "Development & Application of EI" 

24 - 25 November 2016, Salzburg


Organizing Committee

About me - Prof. Dr. Herbert Gölzner

I’m professor and department head for Human Resource Management & Leadership at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Prior to my current post, I worked as Head of the Human Resource department in a large Austrian enterprise. My main focus areas are emotionally intelligent and systemic leadership development, vision-coaching, provocative organization development, as well as agile human resource management.


About me - Dr. Petra Meyer

As Senior Lecturer are the key aspects of my research and teaching interest emotional intelligence, communication, mindful leadership and organizational development (particularly change and culture). My work focuses on people and their context in the corporate world. With a systematic approach I try to pursue innovative long-term results. 13 years of experience in consulting and training and now as a partner in a company called ComTeam-Drehzahl helps me to put my research into practice.

Planning Team


About Me – Marco Ahammer

I am studying business economics at the University of Applied Science Salzburg since the winter term 2014.

Beside my tasks as a student I am working as a student assistant at the department of Human Resource Management & Leadership since May 2015 and am concerned with the topic of emotional intelligence intensively as a part of my job. Emotional intelligence is of enormous importance for leading employees and organizations and thereby it has a special meaning to me as a prospective business economist.

This is the reason why my personal goal is to co-create this conference as successful as possible for making the topic of emotional intelligence concerning today’s economic world present in as many organizations as possible. Knowledge alone is not enough for being a good and effective leader but also the handling of emotions and employees is playing a key role and a lot of leaders do not consider this fact. The aim of our conference is to change this. 

About me – Katharina Mairoth, BSc

For 4,5 years I was studying psychology at the university of Salzburg and now my master’s degree is within reach. As a future psychologist I see emotional intelligence as a key skill in private and job related environment. Skills like empathy and self-management are substantial for being successful in the (working) environment. As a result I’m focused on emotional intelligence in the context of university, private and working life. Therefore I’m pleased working as a student assistant at the department of Human Resource Management & Leadership and be a part of the conference organizing team.

About me – Markus Brandstätter

I am a student of business economics discipline at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and will graduate university in July 2017. For one and a half year by the way, I am working for a plastics engineering firm in quality assurance. Within my work experience I could become acquainted with emotional intelligence and saw, how leading employees missed the importance of EQ skills and in consequence common objectives were failed. For me, it’s an important feature for leading employees, to recognise skills in association with emotional intelligence. Therefore I’m glad to get the chance to be part of this project team and to help organising this conference. For me, it is an interesting issue and I am looking forward to get lots of awareness and information about emotional intelligence. 

About me – Viktoria Appolonov

Since September 2014, I have been studying Business Management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. For the fourth to the sixth semester I have chosen the specialisation Human Resource Management & Leadership as well as Logistics & Operations Management. I made the decision to specialize me in the area of Human Resource Management & Leadership because of my opinion that human capital is the most important resource in an organization as it has a decisive impact on the organization’s success. Of course emotional intelligence, as a very important field of HRM, is also interesting for my professional and private live. I am delighted to be a part of the organizing committee and to stage this conference successfully. Moreover, I am pleased to have the chance to learn more about this necessary topic.  

About me – Felicia Piehl

I am studying business economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. The main focus of my study is Human Resource Management and Logistics. In my Human Resource course the primary focus is the care and development of employees. History has proven that the old style of management is no longer sufficient. For that reason, elevated skills in Emotional Intelligence are needed more and more. In the future, I will work as a Human Resource Manager. Therefore, I am glad to be a member in this project group to gain experiences on this topic which will be useful in my career.